Donate & Get Involved


Since 2000, the Chaplains of Maury Chaplain Ministries (a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization) has been providing pastoral presence and servicesfor the Sheriff Department staff and inmates of the Maury County Jail at no cost to taxpayers. We are not funded by the state, the county, or the jail itself. We are not a high-profile ministry boasting huge success numbers. In fact, unless you or a loved one gets arrested and spends time in our jail, you may never need our services. We are dedicated to be in the jail daily but we need your help.  Would you consider partnering?  Donations made to Maury Chaplain Ministries are tax deductible and will keep local chaplains in your local county jail.


The jail can be a very dangerous place and there is a fog of oppression over the place that can be felt. Prayer is so important! Please pray for our chaplains’ safety, wisdom, and endurance. Please pray for their families as well. And please pray for our board members, who donate much of their time and energy to keep our ministry running.